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The dysfunction gripping Washington has paralyzed our government, and Alaska is suffering the consequences. For nearly half a century, Alaska thrived under the stewardship of Don Young – a bold leader who prioritized our state above all else. Now, we have a Representative who lacks the courage, conviction, and experience to uphold that legacy, stumbling in the footsteps of Alaska’s giants. It’s time to revive the Alaska Way in Washington by bringing back tough, proven, Alaska First leadership that can dismantle gridlock and craft authentic solutions, free from extreme partisanship.

My promise is simple: Alaskans above all else.

Our nation’s border is in the midst of a crisis. The unchecked influx of illegal migrants poses a grave threat to our economy, safety, and overall prosperity. The infiltration of Fentanyl from Mexico directly into Alaska underscores the urgent need for decisive action against Joe Biden’s ineffective border policies, which continue to wreak havoc on our state.

When I visited the Southern border in May, it became clear that we need to bring back the Trump Administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policies. We must finish the wall and use a combination of physical and technological barriers to stop the flow of illegal migrants and drugs into our country. We cannot sit by as drugs flow freely into our state and into the hands of our children. We cannot allow illegal migrants to drain our resources and make our cities unsafe. When in Congress, securing our border will be my top priority.

Alaskan Energy is under attack. The Biden administration’s actions have stifled oil and gas projects, severely limiting our drilling capabilities. These shortsighted decisions have far-reaching consequences for our economy, jeopardizing jobs and income for countless Alaskans. Joe Biden’s assault on Alaskan energy is taking money directly out of our wallets. 

Alaska understands its resources better than anyone. I am committed to advocating for a diversified energy portfolio that prioritizes domestic production, empowering us to fuel our nation’s growth while safeguarding our economic prosperity. Our families and businesses depend on it.

We also must understand the implications of relying on foreign entities for our energy production. We cannot afford to diminish our domestic production, thereby compromising our national security. As your presentative, I will staunchly defend Alaskan energy independence for the prosperity and security of our state and country.

Alaskan families, businesses, and vital industries are feeling the squeeze of Bidenomics. Each passing day sees the cost of living skyrocket while wages stagnate and job opportunities dwindle. To make matters worse, our industries face relentless assaults from radical environmental agendas. From our fisheries, to tourism, to mining, we need an economic agenda that supports all of Alaska’s industries. 

We need an economic agenda that fosters robust growth, bolsters industries, and puts an end to inflation. It’s time to exercise fiscal responsibility by curbing excessive spending and implementing tax cuts that allow hardworking Alaskans to retain more of their earnings.

I am honored to have pledged my commitment to taxpayers by signing the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. As your Representative in Congress, I will oppose any efforts to increase taxes and will actively work to safeguard, reinstate, and expand the pro-growth tax policies of the Trump Era that propelled our economy to new heights.

The Biden Administration has spent the last four years telling Alaskans how to live our lives. Government overreach is crushing competition and suffocating innovation within our state. Mary Peltola has been complicit in this onslaught, aligning herself with Joe Biden’s damaging executive orders that directly harm our interests.

I will fight back against government overreach. I will ensure our freedoms – from guns to speech to religion – are never compromised or infringed on by the overreaching hand of Washington bureaucracy.

We must take decisive action to support and empower our law enforcement officers, equipping them with the resources essential for safeguarding our cities and state. With violent crime on the rise, it’s imperative we provide our police force with the tools they need to effectively carry out their duties. The reckless national push to defund the police is nothing short of disgraceful, and I staunchly stand in solidarity with our law enforcement, always backing the blue.

Having served as Alaska’s Commissioner of Corrections, I witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of lenient crime policies. We need laws that protect victims, not criminals, and laws that empower police. The safety of our communities will always be a top priority and we need leaders who understand what it means to support the rule of law.

Our military deserves the best. As they put their lives on the line to protect our nation, it is our job to ensure they have the benefits they need and support at home. In Washington, Mary Peltola has repeatedly voted against crucial military benefits and pay raises for our troops.

With nine military bases in our state, we need funding and support to maintain our strategic security position in the world. During my tenure as a senior advisor for military affairs under Sean Parnell, I witnessed firsthand the dedication and sacrifice of our service members. As your Representative, I am committed to advocating tirelessly on their behalf, fighting to secure the support and resources they need. I will never waver in my commitment to our military, ensuring that they are never forgotten or neglected.

As we confront challenges both within our borders and beyond, America must assert its leadership with unwavering strength. Our safety and security hinge upon our ability to confront our adversaries and bolster our alliances.

Our first step must be to confront the threats posed by Communist China. I am committed to holding China accountable for its actions, whether it be its expansion of soft power or egregious human rights violations. We must ensure we are curbing China’s growing economic power. Additionally, I will stand firmly alongside our democratic allies in Asia, ensuring we collectively safeguard our shared values and interests.

We also must continue to stand with Israel as they face ongoing threats to its sovereignty and people. We cannot afford to appease or capitulate to terrorists or states sponsored by terrorism. Instead, we must lead with the full force and determination that our allies rely upon, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to their security and well-being.

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