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President Trump Endorses Nancy Dahlstrom for Congress

ANCHORAGE, AK – On Monday, President Donald J. Trump endorsed Alaska Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom in her run for the at-large congressional seat currently occupied by Mary Peltola.

President Trump gave Lt. Governor Dahlstrom a glowing endorsement, calling her a “proven fighter” and noting that she “will be a tremendous Congresswoman for the Great People of Alaska, just as she was as your Lieutenant Governor.”

“In Congress, she will work to Secure the Border, Create Jobs, Lower Taxes, Promote American Energy Independence, Support our Incredible Military and Police Officers, and Defend our always under siege Second Amendment,” President Trump wrote on TruthSocial. “… Nancy Dahlstrom is a WINNER, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement. SHE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!”

“I thank President Trump for his endorsement. We have all felt the effects from the Democratic mismanagement of our nation by Joe Biden and Mary Peltola,” 
said Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom. “Our southern border is a mess, our dollars don’t go as far anymore, and our adversaries are emboldened across the globe. Now more than ever, we need real conservative leadership in Washington to right the ship and I look forward to working with President Trump to Make America Great Again when we’re both in Washington.”

You can read President Trump’s full endorsement of Lt. Governor Dahlstrom here.