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Peltola Double Dips With Pro-Hamas Agitators

ANCHORAGE, AK – Mary Peltola’s campaign is receiving funds from friends in high places, namely friends who are simultaneously funding the pro-Hamas protest groups on college campuses across America.

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 reports the confusing triangulation of money tying Peltola’s campaign to what we’re seeing around the country, explaining how wealthy elitists will donate funds to the individual campaign, as well as political action committees – who in turn fund the campaign. Essentially, this scheme used by Peltola is just a facade to hide from Alaskans just how hard the big pro-Hamas donors are working to get her elected.

According to the report, Susan Pritzker, sister of Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and an affluent Chicago heiress of the Hyatt Hotels family donated nearly $3,000 to the Peltola campaign, with an additional $3,066.67 coming from other Pritzker family members. In the same vein, the Pritzker clan, per the report, financially supports “at least two major foundations that have been funneling money to campus agitators through their grant making programs.” And it’s not just the Pritzker’s either, but the Soros family as well who have financial ties to both Peltola and the pro-Hamas protesters.

This report comes as Peltola remains silent on the ongoing war in Israel, including Iran’s attack on the country and Biden’s controversial decision to withhold certain artillery.

In response to this news, Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom stated:

“The fact that Mary Peltola is receiving financial support from individuals funding the pro-Hamas protests on our college campuses should come as no surprise given Peltola’s support for Biden’s radical agenda. The Democrats biggest donors are funding these pro-terrorist and anti-Jewish protests we cannot remain silent. Alaskans rightfully deserve to know who Peltola aligns herself with and the people working to get her elected.”