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Nancy Dahlstrom Signs Pledge to Not Raise Taxes in Office

ANCHORAGE, AK — Today, Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom pledged to not raise taxes while in office, signing onto Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. For 29 years, Grover Norquist and ATR have been holding politicians accountable when they say they will not raise taxes on their communities while in office and do so anyway. Higher taxes make life much harder for Alaskans, especially when a lot of critical necessities are imported into the state.

Lt. Governor Dahlstrom is the first candidate in the race for Alaska’s sole congressional seat to sign such a pledge. By signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge on Monday, Dahlstrom joined the near-1,400 elected officials who say no to more new taxes, and walk their talk.“From gas pumps to grocery stores, Alaskans are hurting from ‘Bidenomics.’ Unfortunately, many candidates will promise to lower taxes when they get into office, only to pull a fast one on the hard-working people of their communities,” Nancy Dahlstrom said in a statement. “I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge because I am a battle-tested conservative who keeps my promises. I will not raise taxes on our hardworking Alaskans, and I am willing to put my name on that promise. Joe Biden’s failing economic policies, rubber-stamped by Democrats in Congress including Mary Peltola, are forcing people to make needless, tough decisions with their dollars that don’t go as far. I will work to get people’s money working for them, not make them overwork for their money.”