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Nancy Dahlstrom Denounces Peltola’s Anti-Alaskan Vote Against Energy

ANCHORAGE, AK – If you need another reminder that Mary Peltola is more concerned with backing Joe Biden’s agenda rather than supporting Alaskan families; look no further than her latest vote.

On Wednesday, Peltola voted present to stifle American energy dominance and further knee cap Alaska’s economy by shutting down development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

In fact, she goes one step further in allowing unelected bureaucrats like Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to delay and even block development within the ANWR by pushing decades-long environmental impact studies – all while allowing energy costs to increase on Alaska families.

Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom released the following statement condemning Peltola’s latest anti-Alaskan vote.

“It should come as no surprise to Alaskans that Mary Peltola is putting party politics ahead of our state’s needs. Her present vote is nothing more than a smokescreen that hurts Alaska’s economy and our people. It’s a position that lacks the courage and conviction our state deserves in Washington, all for the sake of scoring political points with Joe Biden,” 
Nancy Dahlstrom said in a statement. “Peltola’s latest vote is yet another reminder that it will never be Alaska first when her seat is on the line. As your congresswoman, I will ensure Alaska continues to grow as one of our nation’s top energy producers.”