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Mary Peltola Votes to Allow Noncitizens to Determine U.S. House Seats

ANCHORAGE, AK – At the end of last week, the House passed legislation that would require the Census Bureau to include a citizenship question on all future censuses and exclude non-citizens from any headcount used to determine population for representation in Congress and electoral votes. To no surprise, Congresswoman Mary Peltola opposed the bill and voted to allow the census to continue counting noncitizens.

As the border crisis continues to worsen under Joe Biden and Washington Democrats, Peltola’s latest vote raised some eyebrows.

Lieutenant Governor Nancy Dahlstrom, Republican candidate for Congress responded saying, “Once again, Mary Peltola voted against the priorities of the majority of Alaskans. Her latest vote in the House proves that she cares more about noncitizens than the citizens of this country. We should not be rewarding sanctuary cities that endanger the country and encourage illegal immigration. We need to put American citizens first and that’s exactly what I will do when I am elected to Congress.”