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Mary Peltola: Top Enabler of Bidengate

ANCHORAGE, AK – Bidengate is causing panic amongst Democrats across the country.

It’s all over the news
: the jig is up. Mary Peltola, a top enabler of Joe Biden in the House, and her fellow Democrats hid the President of the United States’ declining health from Alaskans and the nation writ-large. But you can’t keep up a fa├žade forever, especially when Joe Biden’s debate performance less than two weeks ago blew the scandal wide open.

The debate, which Mary Peltola has been dodging since it happened outside of saying her “opinion is irrelevant,” put our commander-in-chief’s mental decline on full display. Biden’s debate performance also opened Americans’ eyes to the four-year cover-up that the Democrats, including Mary Peltola, have engaged in, and they’re not happy.

“For years, Mary Peltola and her Democratic allies in Washington have propped Joe Biden up as a spry, healthy man capable of the critical public service job he signed up to take,” Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom said in a statement. “Now, over a week after Biden revealed he cannot handle another four years as president on live television, Peltola is silent and pretending like it didn’t happen. She is a top enabler of Bidengate and one of Joe Biden’s biggest cheerleaders – Alaskans will remember that in November.”