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Mary Peltola Remains Silent on Iran’s Attack on Israel

Peltola has yet to condemn Iran as Democrat Party abandons Israel

Anchorage, AK – This weekend, Iran launched an attack on Israel in an attempt to destabilize the region and indiscriminately kill civilians. As the most strategic state for our national security, Alaska’s Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan put out clear statements condemning the attack. However, Alaska’s sole Representative to the House failed to comment on, nor condemn Iran’s actions. 

Congresswoman Mary Peltola’s silence comes as Democrats across the country are facing pressure from far-left, pro-Hamas groups. President Joe Biden, who Peltola has endorsed, has also wavered in his support of Israel recently and has cautioned the country as they seek to defend themselves against terrorists. 

“I am so disappointed in Representative Peltola, and her lack of leadership on this issue. Her reliance on Democrat talking points and her deafening silence leaves a massive void in our representation,” stated Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom. “The United States must stand side-by-side with Israel and we cannot waver in our support. Israel has a right to defend itself from terrorists who want to destroy their country. We need a representative in Congress that has the courage to say just that.”

Peltola has a history of turning her back on Israel. Earlier this year, she voted against aid for Israel in a funding package. Dahlstrom is the only candidate in the race with true national security experience, contrasted against Peltola who has not been a leading voice on national security issues, which comes at a critical time when both Alaska and the United States face serious threats at home and abroad. 

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