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Mary Peltola: Court-Packing Leftist in Moderate Clothing

ANCHORAGE, AK – Politics is rife with people who take advantage of voters. Nowadays, candidates are attempting to dupe voters into thinking they are moderates when they are really leftists in disguise who want to upend our system of governance. Two prominent candidates running for office this election cycle are known for doing just that: Joe Biden and Mary Peltola.

Even as they run as “moderates,” Mary Peltola and Joe Biden can’t help but let their masks slip. Just two years ago, when Mary Peltola was supposedly running toward the center, she backed insane ideas like expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

Don’t take our word for it – just watch the tape.

The questions remain: does Mary Peltola still support the Marxist idea of expanding the Supreme Court? Is she truly a moderate Democrat? Is she pushing what Alaskans want, or even agree with? The answer to all of these is a resounding no.

“It’s absurd that Mary Peltola considers herself a moderate, but openly backs an idea like packing the Supreme Court,” 
Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom said in a statement. “Peltola knows that her true policy positions – the Democrats’ leftist agenda – won’t stick if they are jammed through Congress, so she wants to stack the deck. Alaska needs more than a rubber stamp leftist like Mary Peltola representing our people in Washington, we need someone who values America’s checks and balances.”