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ICYMI: Nancy Dahlstrom Talks Border on the Morgan Ortagus Show

ANCHORAGE, AK – In case you missed it, Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom joined the Morgan Ortagus Show on Sirius XM Patriot on Sunday.

During the interview, Dahlstrom spoke about her campaign to unseat Congresswoman Mary Peltola, her recent opinion piece on her trip to the southern border in crisis, Russian warships in Cuba, and more. Dahlstrom noted the potential food shortage facing America from farmers being forced to destroy crops contaminated by illegal immigrants and how America’s foreign policy under Joe Biden and Mary Peltola are emboldening our adversaries.

“I have the backing of Republican leaders across the state and country. Our Governor Mike Dunleavy has endorsed me as well as Speaker Johnson and Elise Stefanik. And also endorsements from the late Don Young’s wife Anne Young, which I’m thrilled to have,” 
Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom said. “But if you go through Alaska, you’ll learn that the majority of Alaskans agree that Mary Peltola needs to go. We’ve seen [the] damages that she and Joe Biden have caused by mismanaging our nation.”

“We know and we feel that our economy is in shambles, our southern border is wide open, funneling fentanyl into our community. And I know from having seen firsthand on the trip. to Yuma, Arizona, watching these people literally enter our country illegally and our border agents standing there having to act as social workers was hard to watch,”
 Lt. Governor Dahlstrom continued.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.