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ICYMI: “Nancy Dahlstrom outlines policies in race for Congress”

ANCHORAGE, AK – In case you missed it, Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom spoke with the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner about her run for Congress, the economy, and the need for natural resource development in Alaska.

“We should be leading the nation in oil and gas development,”
 said Lt. Governor Dahlstrom. “We have tons of gas and oil in the ground and we just need to drill and get it out. . Renewables are great but I’m confident we cannot rely just on renewables. The perfect thing is a blend of the renewables with oil and gas. We can take all the power from turbines and solar and that can feed into the system to help people.”

“Everything we need to run equipment and computers and cellphones are things in the ground in Alaska,”
 said Dahlstrom. “We don’t need to get them from other countries, but when Alaskans are not allowed the opportunity to work through a permit process or develop their lands, it makes us dependent on other countries, specifically China.”

In closing, Lt. Governor Dahlstrom said, “We have to put Alaska first … and putting Alaska first is the only way that our Congressperson should be.”

You can read Lt. Governor Dahlstrom’s full interview with the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner here.