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ICYMI: Dahlstrom Talks Congressional Run, Border with Alaska Landmine

ANCHORAGE, AK – In case you missed it, Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom joined Jeff Landfield on the Alaska Landmine podcast to talk about her congressional run, her recent endorsement by President Trump, the southern border crisis, and more.

Lt. Governor Dahlstrom, who was endorsed this week by President Trump, also touched on her experience serving Alaskans as a state legislator and the commissioner of the Alaska Department of Corrections.

“I will not let Alaskans down. That’s why I’m serving in public office,”
 Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom said on Alaska Landmine. “… I think to be successful and to serve Alaskans, we need to be able to talk to all Alaskans and listen to all Alaskans, whether they agree or disagree with us. And think about what it is they’re saying because, again, we have one congressperson for all of Alaska, so that congressperson shouldn’t just represent one party.”

“The Democrats are going to bring millions into the state. The Republicans are going to bring millions into the state,”
 Lt. Governor Dahlstrom also said. “… The money’s going to come in. It’s going to come in like crazy. This is a crucial race. It’s crucial for Alaska and for the country, and I’m going to run a clean, positive race and let people know what I have to offer. What I’m willing to give and to serve all Alaskans, and hopefully my past history will speak to people.”

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.