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ICYMI: Dahlstrom Talks Border and More with Alaska Energy Hour

ANCHORAGE, AK – Last night, Alaska Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom joined Power the Future’s Rick Whitbeck on the Alaska Energy Hour to talk about her recent trip to the southern border, Alaska’s energy potential, and more.

In the interview, Lt. Governor Dahlstrom highlighted her experiences while taking a night tour of the southern border, including watching as migrants walked along the Mexico side of President Trump’s border wall toward an opening left by Joe Biden and Mary Peltola. Dahlstrom also recounted seeing illegal immigrants who had crossed, flipping the bird to Border Patrol agents after the migrants successfully broke our nation’s laws.

“The more people know about the border situation, the madder they get, and the more they stand up and we demand what needs to happen,” 
said Dahlstrom.

“I left there pretty disheartened in many ways about what I saw, but on the other hand, really charged up. We have to be more vocal, we have to be more active,” 
said Dahlstrom. “And people have to get involved in making changes with our government, because what’s happening in D.C. right now is unacceptable.”

Dahlstrom also touched on Joe Biden’s short-sighted decision to release 1 million more barrels of oil from our strategic petroleum reserves. Joe Biden’s decision, enabled by Democrats in Congress like Mary Peltola, puts the United States’s national security at risk in the event of an attack, natural disaster, or worse.

“I about died last week when I heard that Biden was releasing another million barrels of gas from the reserves because he wants to lower gas prices.That is such a bad idea. It’s horrible. We know it’s going to increase inflation overall, plus, even more important, it’s trading a vital resource that we might need in times of emergency or national crisis.”

You can listen to the full interview with Power the Future by clicking here.