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ICYMI: A Southern Border Disaster Reaches Up North

ANCHORAGE, AK – In case you missed it, Alaska Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom penned an opinion piece with Townhall on her recent visit to the wide-open southern border in Yuma, Arizona.

As the Biden-Peltola border crisis rages on with no end in sight and a lackluster border order coming out of the White House, it has become clear that the Democrats are derelict in their duty to secure America. The open border has turned every state into a border state, including Alaska, and is allowing the flow of fentanyl into the nation via cartel smugglers.

In her piece, Dahlstrom notes that U.S. national security is in jeopardy under the backwards policies of Joe Biden and Mary Peltola, the brazenness of hundreds of illegal migrants crossing over unfettered, and the food security crisis that can arise from the border disaster.

“Everything I witnessed made it clear that Joe Biden and his Democrat lackeys, like Mary Peltola, are failing our nation and Alaska by leaving our border open,”
 Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom wrote. “The chaos and lack of leadership has led to 85,000 migrant children unaccounted for, with fears they are currently being trafficked. We are simply not equipped to handle this disaster, yet Democrats continue to support policies that encourage illegal immigration and welcome these criminals with open arms.”

“Our security, prosperity, and safety are all at risk. As your Congresswoman, my top priority will be to reinstate President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy and finish the wall. Meanwhile, Mary Peltola continues to side with President Biden and leave our border wide-open. But now that it’s an election year, she will try to cover up her record on the border as she tries to cling to power.”

Read the full piece in Townhall here.