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Governor Mike Dunleavy Endorses Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom for Congress

Anchorage, AK – Today, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy endorsed his Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom in her campaign for U.S. Congress.

“It’s my pleasure to express my support for Nancy in her congressional campaign,” said Governor Dunleavy. “Nancy’s exceptional commitment and conservative values resonate with our state and we’ve achieved much for Alaska together. I’m confident Nancy will stand up against federal overreach in Congress and safeguard Alaskan values. Her candidacy represents my preferred choice to advance our state’s interests.”

Governor Dunleavy first appointed Nancy Dahlstrom to serve as the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections, after her time in the state legislature, where she focused on improving public safety for Alaska. In 2022, Dahlstrom joined Dunleavy’s reelection campaign as the candidate for Lt. Governor and the ticket won on the first ballot with over 50% of the vote.

The race for Alaska’s at-large Congressional District will be one of the most competitive in the country in 2024. Since Dahlstrom’s entrance into the race, Inside Elections has shifted the race towards Republicans, citing her strength as a “candidate who can appeal to the various wings of the state party.” Dahlstrom has also secured endorsements from Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and Winning for Women, which supports conservative women “who share core values of economic freedom and strong national security.”

Nancy Dahlstrom currently serves as the Lt. Governor for the state of Alaska. Nancy was first appointed to serve as a State Representative in 2003 and then served as a Senior Advisor for Military Affairs. In 2018, Nancy took on the role to serve as the Commissioner of Corrections and was a leader in cracking down on crime and ensuring criminals serve their time. As Lieutenant Governor, Nancy has prioritized public safety, energy security, and emergency preparedness.