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AK-AL Moves Towards Republicans after Lt. Governor Nancy Dahlstrom’s Entrance into the Race

Anchorage, AK – Today, Inside Elections shifted the race for Alaska’s at-large congressional seat towards Republicans, specifically noting that “Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom’s entrance into the race gives Republicans a candidate who can appeal to the various wings of the state party.” The update moves the seat from Lean Democrat to Tilt Democrat.

Lt. Governor Dahlstrom announced her campaign at the end of last year, and has since gained momentum as the Republican who has what it takes to defeat Mary Peltola.

“I decided to take on this challenge because Alaskans are tired of D.C. politicians telling us how to live our lives. I am a proud conservative who is stepping up to bring conservative leadership back to Congress,” stated Dahlstrom. “It is important that Alaska is represented by someone who understands the unique challenges and opportunities that our great State offers, and I look forward to earning the trust of voters who understand that as well.”

Both the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee note Alaska as one of the top targets for the 2024 cycle. In 2020, Donald Trump won the state by over 10%.

Nancy Dahlstrom currently serves as the Lt. Governor for the state of Alaska. The Dunleavy-Dahlstrom ticket was reelected in 2022 on the first ballot with over 50% of the vote. Nancy was first appointed to serve as a State Representative in 2003 and then served as a Senior Advisor for Military Affairs. In 2018, Nancy took on the role to serve as the Commissioner of Corrections and was a leader in cracking down on crime and ensuring criminals serve their time. As Lieutenant Governor, Nancy has prioritized public safety, energy security, and emergency preparedness.

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